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      • HVW8 x Adidas vs. Blake from Bstreet

        As one of those Fine Art pricks looking down my nose, it is my duty to blog about the new HVW8 x Adidas Originals Kevon Lyons & Jean Andre Collection. To be blunt, these guys have only done what Blake here at Bstreetshoes has been doing for years, except what...

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      • Nike Air Wildwood

        The minimalist epoch is back, but toss in the word functional and black leather into the witches cauldron and voila, the Nike Air Wildwood is concocted. The wildwood looks like a common sneaker, something for everyday life, and that is the complexity of its simplicity. With all the hype about...

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      • Common Projects

        Go hug a Veteran today because it is Veterans Day everybody! So I have somethin' special for this special day and for the BStreet fans, they are called Common Projects, the new retro BBall Low leather footwear silhouettes. Coming back to the future, these are newly designed for the contemporary...

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