US Men's size 12 Black Reebok Legacy Lifters, Incredible Hulk-Themed - Custom Order

$ 599.00

US size 12 Black Reebok Legacy Lifters Shoes

Incredible Hulk Themed:

Left Shoe:

Portrait of the Incredible Hulk on the outside of the left shoe, with bits of flying concrete encircling both shoes.  

Incorporating the Incredible Hulk-Themed Colors (Including the Reebok Delta) 

Right Shoe:

Continuation of the flying concrete and theme colors.

The fist of the incredible hulk shown smashing through the outer side of the right shoe.

The golden heels on both shoes will likely be covered with a Hulk-themed green.

Artist is given some creative freedom to make the shoes look totally awesome!

Shoes will be without the Union Jack flag and the words "wozza".






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