Reebok Lifters - Custom Order

$ 2,701.00

These Reebok Lifters have been received by Blake. They are to be painted as requested on the box.


Size 8 (womens)- 

For —> Ashley Horner

- American Flag


Size 8 (womens)

For —> Natasha Aughey

-Donuts on a red shoe


Size 8.5 (womens)

For —> Hannah Eden

-Fire Red shoe (see her hair) and logo in attached folder


Size 10 (mens)

For —> Brett

-Chicago Flag somewhere on a matte gray shoe w/Chicago Skyline


Size 10 (mens)

For —> Silent Mike

 From Mike "Im thinking for the legacies- entire shoes a matte red or matt black(see attached).

 Then slightly darker/faint tiger strips over the shoe with eventual logo on the heel. An even more subtle tiger version of what i attached.

Thinking smaller and further back but similar to "crossfit" in picture attached.” (Images in folder attached)


Size 10.5 (mens)

For —> Cory Gregory

-Yellow color, #SQUATLIFE on heel or somewhere on shoe.


Size 11.5 (mens) 

For —> Kenny Santucci


                  - Big comic fan, wanted to try and do a comic looking image of NYC skyline (example of previous job you did in folder). 

                  - “Buddy" written on the heel. (Font in folder).


Size 11.5 (mens)

For —> Andrew

   -Theme: Clean Blocked, cubed or Prism style pattern with a depth effect

Colors: Various neon colors

(Example in Folder)



Size 12 (Men’s)

For à Terron Belkham

  • Terron’s logo and “Brand”
  • Colors= black & gold (same as shoe)
  • Theme = anime / action figure / old school video game style



1) Ashley Horner $269

2) Natasha Aughey $269

3) Hannah Eden $269

4) Brett $299

5) Silent Mike $329

6) Cory Gregory $269

7) Kenny Santucci $329

8) Andrew $339

9) Gerron Beckham $329

Total: $269+269+269+299+329+269+329+339+329 = $2,701



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