US Men's size 9.5 Anta Weightlifting Shoes - Gold - Custom Order

$ 499.00

These shoes are to start out all black.

All the leather and the mesh will be painted gold.

Artist will leave tongue black. 

Artist will not paint over Anta Logos

Artist will paint the shoes using Jacquard Metallic Gold Paint. It will be coated with a matte finish.

Artist will paint plastic gold, with a little white mixed in to make it slightly lighter than the gold painted on the leather. The plastic will be coated with a gloss finish.

Artist will put the words 'DEFYING' on the left shoes and 'GRAVITY' on the right shoe, on the inside of the shoe just like the picture  attached of the shoe. Same font as in the photo, nice and thin font. 

The number 93 will be on each heel like the picture, instead of number 77.

Artist will try to get close to the picture.

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