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Madsteez in conjunction with Jamie Heinrich are throwing down a creative collaboration for us to all enjoy. Check out what they say about it on Kickstarter: 


When his eye doctor experimentally restores vision to his blind left eye, an artist is only able to create incomplete paintings.

A film.

Also a mural.

With Madsteez.

We wanted to make a short film the way that visual artists do. But also we’re koo-koo for dialogue and good story telling and asking “what if?” So we’re making a short film starring Mark Paul Deren (Madsteez): he’s an artist. He is blind in one eye. You’ve seen his stuff before.

Play the video above to learn about Madsteez and his art. Read on to learn more about what we’re doing and how you can help.

-Jamie Heinrich and Zac Hug

The Basic Premise 

When his eye doctor experimentally restores vision to his blind left eye, an artist is only able to create incomplete paintings. What follows is a story about a man who sees colors, shapes, and people differently than he did before, and asks the question from the film’s opening scene: “Where is the moment and how do we know when anything; art, relationships, lunch — when are these things actually finished?”

The Mural 

Before, during, and after the time we make the short, Madsteez will be painting a mural that plays a central role in the story. 

The size of the mural will be up to you. When you pledge you will be building 1 20x20" portion of the mural, which you own. It will be a minimum of 250 20x20" sections up to a maximum of 1000 20x20" sections. That's roughly 167 x 167 feet! 

We’ll display it at the premiere and then: Madsteez will take it apart, number each one, sign them, and ship you one of them on mounted canvas.

The funding for the mural goes directly towards the film production and material costs. What we film and the size of the mural depends on reaching the goal and how far over the goal the mural goes. Pledges over the goal will result in a larger mural. You can pledge in quantity if you'd like a bigger chunk of the mural (make 1 pledge in multiples of $100, example: $500 is 5 segments in connection with one another.) Your involvement will be the direct outcome of this project. 

Mark Paul Deren (MADSTEEZ)
This is a theme project for artist Madsteez. We want to show you a person we find fascinating. And we want to fictionalize his story just enough to talk about how we all see the world differently from each other. Mark is contributing the mural. And we’re going to film him in a story that helps create the mural. We want you to have a part of the creation. Something tangible you can own and hang somewhere.

Sharing the Project 
Letting others know by sharing the link to this campaign will influence and expand the outcome of how large this mural and project will become. 

The Aftermath
The film will be completed in October followed by a premiere party in which the mural will be on exhibit. The film will be available to download and we’re submitting it to a ton of A-list festivals worldwide. Updates on the project will be posting regularly beginning now, through completion, and for the progression the film's potential.

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