Slipknot's Corey Mask Black Slip-on Vans

Slipknot just dropped their new album and we had the honors of painting some custom shoes for their best fan. 

The black slip on Vans feature the Corey mask on one shoe and a Slipknot style logo on the other shoe. Both shoes are covered in a hand painted red blood pattern. Slipknot is an American heavy metal band from Des Moines, Iowa. Formed in September 1995, the group was founded by percussionist Shawn Crahan and bassist Paul Grey.

With a new gang of masks and lacking Joey Jordison, six years later Slipknot unveils their new album, one-hour-and-six-minutes of what you've been expecting, more diverse, emotional and aggressive than ever, possibly one of the biggest moments in history for the band, Slipknot is truly back so come celebrate and get your pair HERE.




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  • How can I get these shoes

    Jon Burks

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