New Intern at BStreetShoes: David

What's up all you custom foot fanatics, I'm the new intern hangin' out with Blake and the crew at BStreetShoes here in beautiful Costa Mesa, California. I gotta say these guys are doing it right, the low-key genuine and tasteful work fits my appetite. As a twenty-one-year-old Artist hailing from fog central (San Francisco) I came down to UCI, a University in Southern California to get my grind on and study the Fine Arts. What's my favorite medium of art you say? To answer that I would have to conclude aerosol paint as my fave, "but hold up, you're a Fine Arts major, how does that fit?" well I am, but you can't beat some of the works done by contemporary artists and political activists like Banksy and Karl Striker from the UK.

If you were to ask me who my inspiration in life would be, well I would have to say my mom and dad for sure, friends and family next, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Banksy obviously, then all those other people I read about and see on TV that really have no connection to my life other than similar interests. More questions? Alright no problem, my favorite spot in the world is definitely The Devil's Punchbowl.  It's a crystal clear lake with a tint of sapphire surrounded by thousand foot mountains on all sides with a narrow valley leading to the lake, a perfect place for a long hike and sleep under the stars. No one knows how deep the lake is, some say it leads to China, others say the Locke Ness spawns there; you'll find this piece of heaven at the border of Cali and Oregon off highway 199 deep in the redwood forests. 

I'll finish with some interesting facts about yours truly: I love singing in the rain, Pina Colada's, late night painting, street bikes, and that water sport called surfing, though I don't get out as much as I want too. Hit me up on Instagram

One Love,

David Martinez 

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