Solar Flare Galaxies on Nike AF1 Lows Are In! Done with Jacquard Products

I recently teamed up with Jacquard products to get some of their amazing product line on some custom shoes.  We had a first go at it with these Nike AF1 Lows. My first impression was a good one. The paints are pre thinned so no need to put though a filter. The bottle the paint comes in is really helpful. It's easy to control the amout of paint you feed into your Airbrush. As you guys know, before I was using Angelus paints, but it was a pain to thin the paints with their expensive 2-thin project. Plus, the filters you need to buy from them were getting clogged, even though I had a bucket of water right next to my brushes. 


Like I mentioned in my Instagram post, the Metallics and Iridescents are amazing. They catch the light from a distance, but don't have an annoying glossy look. I highly recommend this paint for any sneaker artist using an airbrush on leather sneakers.


The care package Jacquard sent me was over the top. It included markers, glue, chemical heat set, polyester dye, pearl pigments and a whole lot of airbrush paint. Stayed tuned for more using this awesome new discovery.


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