A Day in the Life: COMPLEXCON

The annual gathering for hype beasts and fashionistas alike, Complexcon is something every clothing, sneaker, and music enthusiast should experience. 
The day started out in line for the health and wellness check-in. Like most events in our modern day pandemic era, it was required to either provide proof of vaccination or a negative rapid test taken within 72 hours. Thankfully the line moved quickly and I was soon on my way. However, there was another line. Of course. This one was for security. After I navigated my way through the vape smoke and metal detectors, I was finally inside of the venue. Upon entrance I knew this was going to be a great day. There was music blasting, people wearing some insane drip, and the vibes overall were simply immaculate. 
Arguably my favorite aspect of the whole event was seeing the different booths of each vendor and the creativity put into them. Out of the hundreds there, I do not remember two booths having the same aesthetic. Something that as a fan of art and individuality, I appreciated very much.
Did I mention sneakers? Complexcon was very much a sneaker head's heaven. There were various resale vendors such as Deadstock and GOAT. In addition, they had the largest lego Adidas replica known to mankind as well as a giant diamond themed Jordan 1. If that wasn't enough, the custom sneaker legend "Mache" had his own booth where you could purchase and customize your sneaker on the spot.
Inside the venue was only one aspect of the event. Outside there was an incredible Hypeland "Hello Kitty" inspired carnival. They had picture opportunities, games, and even an actual sized Ferris wheel. Much like my times as a child at the county fair, I was unable to win any prizes. However, the overall setup and attention to detail was incredible. 
In addition to the outdoor carnival, Complexcon featured an outdoor "Hot Ones" inspired food truck setup. Unfortunately I was more focused on consuming the food than picturing it at this point so I was unable to document it.
Some other random booths included the popular "Squid Game" set as well as the NBA's set to commemorate their 75th season. Luckily for me the doll was not active and the hoop was unable to be used.
To cap off the end of an epic day, A$AP Rocky took the stage on the tenth anniversary of his freshman album release. Even twelve hours after the start of the event, everyone was energized and ecstatic to see the consummate artist from Harlem. With the sick lyrics and vast use of pyrotechnics, the show was truly "LIT". However, after an hour or so I started to think like my father and his father before him about how long it's going to take to leave with all these people. I left early and got a head start on my venture home.
All in all it was an amazing day and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an inspiring and fun day.

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