B Street Shoes X Redbull - Custom Sneaker Event

Last month my team and I had the opportunity to fly to Orlando Florida for the Redbull Athletes Summit. Some of the athletes that were in attendance were Brian Grubb, Bailey Payne, Meagan Ethell, Gunther Oka, Kaylin Whitney, Parks Bonifay, Mike Dowdy, Dane Kayak and Dorien Llewellyn.

Red Bull asked us to come out to help their team out with story telling. Each athlete has a really unique story about how they rose to the top of their sport, their struggles and accomplishments. 

We sat down with the athletes and had a story telling session. They told the story of how they rose to the top of their sport and what RedBull meant to them. We then collaborated in turing their story into a visual story onto their shoes. Checkout some of the picture from the event below. 

custom sneaker event

blake barash

sneaker activation

custom sneaker activation


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