Batman & Joker Meets Rorschach on Adidas Yeezy

This is by far one of the more simple Batman and Joker designs we have done, but it is my personal favorites. 

This design combines Rorschach perception test with Batman and his arch nemesis the Joker. 

These shoes are painted with Batman on the outside of one shoe and Joker on the outside of the other. We have the Batman logo painted on the inside of one shoe, and a true Rorschach Perception test painted on the inside of the other shoe.

This design is insanely cool to look at, and you'll see something you didn't notice before with every time you look at them!

If you'd like to get your hands on a pair like this, or create your own custom Rorschach shoes, send us a Custom Order Form! 

Batman YeezyJoker YeezyRorschach YeezyBatman Joker Yeezy


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