Bay Area Custom Painted Kobes Basketball Shoes !

We painted the ultimate San Francisco/ Bay Area themed shoes! 

These Kobe shoes have the Golden Gate and Oakland Bay Bridge, a beautiful galaxy background and a detailed city scene, as well as the Ferrari logos. 

If you love the Bay Area, or would like a shoe dedicated to your home town, send us a Custom Order Form now!

San Francisco Jordan'sBay Area JordanOakland/ San Francisco shoesSan Francisco shoesBay Area Jordan


  • hit me with the price and i’ll cop. love the concept🤩

  • A I rt whan the shoes hope you give them to me there very nice I can’t afford nothing and people make front of me cause I don’t have no shoes but love guys thank you

  • How the price..

    Randy pablo
  • i really like those and i want those to play in at my aau basketball tournament and we can make a price for them

  • How much are the Kobe’s custom with Chicago skyline


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