Calling All Disney Fans- The Toy Story Shoe to Break The Internet!

Where are my Disney Freaks at? 

We have the newest Toy Story design you'll live for! 

These Nike Air Force 1's have the cloud wallpaper from Andy's childhood bedroom, they have Buzz, Woody, Little Bo Peep, The Alien, Mr. Potato Man, and of course Hamm, I mean it'd be easier to tell you which characters we left out. 

We loved the idea of covering this shoe in Andy's childhood wallpaper, in the wake of news of the newest Toy Story 4 (we were all really sad to see Andy give his toy's away) we have no idea who's going to have the Toy's, but we thought this was the perfect way to say goodbye to Andy.

If you're a Disney Fan getting ready to see the newest Toy Story on the Big Screen, why not do it with the OG Toy Story Gang look on your feet!

Send us a Custom Order Form to request these shoes- or your very own Custom Disney Design! (We LIVE for them!!)

Toy Story Nikehand painted Toy StoryToy Story shoes


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  • Hello I was wonder If you could do air force’s with Mickey and Minnie customized on them . If so please contact me at

    Lilie Rodriguez

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