Celebrate Nintendo's 130th Birthday with Custom Painted Mario Kart Jordans

Nintendo started out as a small Japanese card-game company on September 23rd, 1889. Soon after, they grew into a toy making company, and then evolved into the renowned video game company we know them as today. Nintendo has become the world’s largest video game corporation by revenue all because of the dreams of one Japanese man named Fusajiro Yamauchi. This man had the power to shape so many of our childhoods through the many characters his company created. Who would we be without Mario, Pikachu, Zelda, or the unforgettably stingy Tom Nook? Today we reminisce on the power and creative freedom Nintendo has given us through the years. We painted these Mario Kart themed Nike Jordans for artist Bryson Tiller to express his love for the infamous video game company.
mario kart nintendo shoes
mario kart nintendo shoes
mario kart nintendo shoes


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  • Do they make these? I need a pair in size 13 in mens, my cousin is a big Bryson Tiller fan

    Bethany leggio

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