Clinique Hydration House Custom Water Bottle Activation at Coachella

Team B Street just wrapped up a 3 day influencer party in the Coachella Valley during the Coachella Music Festival. We teamed up with Clinque working at the Zenda Estate, a sprawling 10 acre estate in Indio California. There are multiple gates with codes to get though to this exotic house located on the edge of the Coachella Polo Grounds where the concert is held.  As material specialists, team B Street got hired to paint custom Clinique branded water bottles all weekend during the event. 

Clinique used this weekend to drop some new products. People from all over the country descended on this party and using some of the Clinique products was a fun part of the activities. Other things included a DJ, open bar, swimming pool, and a massive lawn area where you could lounge on couches under trees. Perfect for hot days.

Hydration was the theme of the party. Clinique made sure everyone was gifted their new skin hydration products, custom branded Clinique towels and tote bags. One of the major attractions of the party was team B Street custom painting water bottles for the guests. The bottles were embellished with pictures and the guests initials. 


custom branded water bottles Live activation  Clinique Hydration House Coachella

event activation custom water bottles  live painting activation

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