Concept Nike AF1 Customs

Art Basel Miami was last weekend and when I was flying on the plane, the wifi was down. That left me with almost 5 hours of flight time where I got to work on some fun mock ups of designs that I thought would look cool. 

For the past 5 years I have done a lot of collaborations with companies who want their branding on Nikes and Jordans. My team and I have enjoyed this for reason you might not expect. We have been able to talk with CEOs about their company culture. What makes their team unique? Where would these custom sneakers be worn? At conventions, around the office, maybe not at all? 

Other topics we have covered: What does your product do, and why is it special? Who are these custom shoes for? Executive team, sales team, new hires? What's their age range and are they mostly men or women?

That's when it becomes by turn to absorb all this information and translate it visually onto some custom sneakers. On my flight to Miami I got to show what some custom Nike AF1s would look like if I worked with these companies. Enjoy!


The bag at Chipotle is iconic. They have stuck with the typography brown bag for more than a decade. And people love it. Including artists. It's creative, clearly originally created by an artist. As a nod to the Chipotle brown bag, I included that onto the side and toe panels of the shoes. The dark red from the center of the logo made the Nike Swoosh, with the primary red on the other panels. The one thing that I think would add to this Chipotle Concept sneaker is the pepper logo on the heels. And some silver burrito foil!

Chipotle bag

Chipotle Nike AF1 Custom


I actually hadn't even thought of doing a Walmart mock up, until last week. We had an enthusiastic employee of Walmart contact us asking what it would take to get some custom Nikes. I was impressed that his loyalty was so strong towards Walmart, that he would be willing to pay out of pocket to represent the Walmart brand on his Nikes. I pulled up their logo and instantly liked the blue/yellow combo. The Yellow 'Spark' logo and a mini Nike Swoosh on the toe take this concept to the next level. 

Walmart Nike AF1


Starbucks, possibly the world's most favorite company. It's said they sell more than 4 MILLION cups of coffee everyday. The Siren logo is iconic and makes a great image to put on the shoes. It fits onto the panels of Nike AF1s in a way that other company's logos do not. I had fun with this one. I couldn't decide if I liked the white or green Nikes, so I am leaving it up to you. Let me know in the comments which Starbucks Nike AF1 concept is your favorite. The Green or white!?

Starbucks Cup

Starbucks Nike AF1 

Starbucks Nike Air Force 1 Custom

Are you interested in getting something custom from me and my team? Submit a custom order form on our website and let's collaborate!


  • Nah cuz imagine you see somebody rocking those shoes in specific restaurants/business establishments lmao

  • I love the green and white combination


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