Corona Extra x B Street the RARE Jordan Retro 1 Collaboration


This project proved to be the most difficult of any projects I've been a part of, simply because getting the shoes was so difficult! The timeline: we settled on the Jordan 1 Yin Yang Sneakers. All Corona needed to do was get the shoe sizes together. While we were waiting for the shoe sizes, the documentary THE LAST DANCE featuring Michael Jordan released on Netflix. The price of Jordans instantly went up and shoes sold out. It had me watching the Jordan 1 Yin Yang wondering if we were going to be able to secure the pairs we need when the sizes came in. Eventually Corona let us know what the shoe sizes they needed and I began the purchasing spree. We got the shoes from every reputable authenticator you could imagine. StockX, GOAT, Flight Club and eBay. Luckily all the shoes came in and they looked great. We were ready to paint.

Projects like this takes weeks. The first step of the deglazing the factory finish off the shoes is extremely important to make sure the paint soaks into the pores of the leather just right.  When using an airbrush, masking off the areas you don't want to paint correctly is something I've learned has to be done perfectly. If you don't do a good paint job, you'll need to clean up areas of overspray after you take the tape off and that's no fun and a time waster. So getting it done right is of the upmost importance.

I'm really happy that Corona let us take the design lead on this collaboration. They provided us their brand assets and asked us to give these retro Jordans the Corona tropical vibe. They had a few requests with colors and we were able to integrate all the seamlessly into the design. We decided to go for the aqua skies with the palm trees silhouettes like you've seen in the commercials. We garnished the heels with the corona extra logos and use their yellow for the Nike swoosh. Take a look at the pictures below and let me know in the comments what do you think of this design in this collaboration. Watch the Youtube video above to see the process of how we painted these custom Jordans. Request a custom pair of shoes with your brand on it HERECorona Jordans

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