Corporate Gifting Done Right - Custom Sneakers Edition

We've seen some major successes and major failures in the corporate gifting space and we thought we could provide some insight on some of the best ways to give gifts to your employees. 

Display your Culture

as a business you have the opportunity to spend your money on anything. There is a lot to consider, but one of the most important parts is displaying your company's culture. What message are you trying to get across to your team? Are you trying to show them that you're cool and fun? Or boring and rigid. 

How much?

How much should you spend on your employees for corporate gifting? This question can be tricky and will vary from company to company. Spend too much and you're over budget. Spend too little and you make your company look cheap. What's the point of an employee gift if it causes them to say negative things about you?

Ride the Wave

your company could be doing really great things but that still doesn't mean the company culture is cool. And that might just not be in the cards for your company. But it doesn't mean you can't use a popular product as a gift to your team. That's why here B Street Shoes we love the ability to work on different shoe brands that complement the company culture. We have loved customizing Nikes, Converse, TOMS, JIMMY CHOO, Veja, Vans and Hokas because we feel that each company has a different message that it gets across. An example would be Nike is known for being cool while being rooted in Athletics and streetwear. A company like Veja is known for sourcing the best materials and having fair wages. 

Sneaker Heads as Culture Leaders

Did you notice the sneakerheads are always the coolest people at any given company? The employees that appreciate sneaker culture are the leaders in culture. When the sneaker heads are happy, everyone else is too. 

Custom Sneakers as a Gift

At B Street we have worked with a ton of different companies to bring their employee gifts to life. It's funny to think that sneaker enthusiasts line up on release day just to buy a a new colorway of their favorite sneaker. This is why a custom color way using your company colors is such a good idea. 

PROTIP: Get your employees preferred T-Shirt and Shoe size size during onboarding. There is no easier time to get your staff's shoe sizes without them suspecting something than their first day on the job. Once you have that locked in, you can get them cool customs year after year. 

Our Favorites 

Nike Dunks - Dunks went through the roof in value in 2019 and haven't looked back. One of the most coveted Nike Dunk releases was in collaboration with designer Virgil Abloh and his luxury brand Off-White. Virgil passed away, and while fashion world mourned his loss, the sneaker community coalesced around the Nike Dunk as the most popular shoe and its legacy was cemented.   Custom Sneakers Corporate Gift

Nike Dunks Employee Gift

Jordan Retro 1

Jordan Retro 1 Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifting Sneakers

 Nike Air Force 1

Nike Air Force 1 Sneaker Gift Corporate

Custom Sneakers Custom Nike AF1

Cool Corporate Gift

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