Custom Painted Jimmy Choo Denim Jacket

Did you catch Blake at the Jimmy Choo event at Saks Fifth Ave in Atlanta, GA? We were given the opportunity to paint some exclusive pieces for Jimmy Choo, one of which was a Jean Jacket for a secret DJ. 

For this jacket, we painted a base of the phrase "I WANT CHOO" in gold. Over that is an old school microphone and headphone set, with the phrase "I WANT CHOO" on the left sleeve. 

Do you want some custom Jimmy Choo's? Put in a Custom Order Form now! 


If you'd like to see a time lapse of Blake painting this jacket, check out the video below! 

For your viewing pleasure, here is the jacket modeled by B Street's finest:

Jimmy Choo EventJimmy Choo EventJimmy Choo EventJimmy Choo Event

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