Custom Painted Kobes - Mamba Forever

This year has been a though one. First we started with Kobe and Gigi's tragic passing. Then we had the Corona Virus sweep through the nation. I think everyone can agree 2020 isn't what we thought it was going to be. 

I had the chance to work with some Kobe Bryant fans to create some custom one-of-a-kind tribute sneakers. There is a common thread, but all the designs are a little bit different. We used different iconic photos for each pair. And although there weren't nearly as many pictures of Gigi available to work from, we made an appropriate tribute to her too.

Checkout the pictures below of the 3 pairs of tribute shoes made for a family that holds Kobe and Gigi near and dear to their heart. Let us know what you think and feel free to say something about Kobe and Gigi in the comments below. 


Custom Kobe Bryant Sneakers 

Custom Kobe Bryant Sneakers

Custom Kobe Bryant Sneakers

Custom Kobe Bryant Sneakers

Mamba Mentality Custom Painted Shoes

Custom Kobe Bryant Sneakers

Custom Kobe Bryant Sneakers

Gigi Bryant Tribute Shoes

Custom Kobe and Gigi Bryant Sneakers

Custom Painted Kobe Bryant Sneakers


  • I am interested one of this shoes of Kobe Bryant n let me know how much cost each pair. Thanks

    Tomas Reyes
  • How can I get a pair? How much are they?

    Arika Witzerman
  • I’m interested in ordering one pair and how much are they

    Andronico c suetos
  • Quanto custam?
    como faço o pedido?

  • How much are they and can I get it in a womans size 7

    Nevaeh Hascall

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