Custom Painted Nike Air Force 1 Star Wars!

Identify with your inner dark side! We took these white Nike Air Force 1 Mid's and made them worthy of the disciple of the dark side.

The background of this shoe is an awesome explosion that covers the entire heel of the shoe. Featured on the side of this shoe is a painting of Darth Vader in action-mode with his Light Saber ready to defend the Dark Side. In addition to that we painted a portrait of Darth Vader. Last but not least, we painted his TIE Advanced X1 ship to really tie the shoe together!


These Star Wars Nike Air Force 1's are now available for purchase on our website!

Here's the link to buy these Darth Vader AF 1's:



Star Wars Nike

Star Wars NikeStar Wars NikeStar Wars NikeStar Wars Nike

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  • So idk if you will see this but I’m buying some all white Air Force ones and I’m going to try and paint this on them since she is a big Star Wars fan. I was gunna buy these but I can’t anymore and I’m guessing they were too expensive anyways. But do you have any tips on how to get this to look the best?

    Logan Wagler

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