Custom Pastel Prism Reebok Legacy Lifters!

Does anyone remember the Custom Hiit Bottle giveaway we did a few months back? Were you obsessed with any of the designs?

We had the chance to replicate the pastel prism design we did on the white Hiit Bottle!

These custom Reebok Legacy Weightlifting shoes have been hand painted with a pastel gradient Prism design using the same colors we used to paint the custom HIIT Bottle. These shoes have pastel pink, green, blue, purple, and yellow. After we painted the prism design we splattered hot pink paint on the shoe to give it the same finish we gave the Hiit Bottle. 

Do you want to see any other Hiit Bottle's replicated on shoes? Submit a custom kick form below!


Custom Painted Hiit BottlesPastel Prism ReeboksPastel Prism ReeboksPastel Prism ReeboksPastel Prism Reeboks

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