Get Branded Nike and Jordan Sneakers for Your Company

You have probably seen a lot of really cool Jordans and Nike Air Force 1s out there on the internet. Where did they come from? Is Nike making these shoes? Did Nike collaborate with all these companies?

If you own a company, can you get Nike to make you custom branded sneakers? Keep reading for the answers to these questions. 

Occasionally Nike does team up with different companies for a collaboration. Some notable examples would be the on-going collabs Nike has done with the clothing companies Stussy or Off-White. 

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There are a lot of steps to get though for Nike to make you a run of sneakers. They don't need the money. So the partnership better help their branding. A good example of a collaboration done helping Nike with this branding is the Nike Dunk project they did with MIA skateshop. 

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But how can you have some custom Nikes made with your company logo on it? That's when you enroll the help of a company like B Street Shoes

We team up with your company to custom create Nike Dunks, Nike Air Force 1s, Jordans and many other style shoes. See some of the examples below of the custom branded Nikes and Jordans we have created. 

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Salesforce Nike Sneakers

Zoom Nike Air Force 1 Sneaker Custom

Corona Theme Jordan Sneakers Custom B Street Shoes

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