We Made Custom Jordans for The HeroDevs Team

When it comes to work culture, some companies are just a step up above the rest. For this project, we collaborated with Zeroslope Events to make some custom jordans for Utah-based software company Herodevs. These jordans were a surprise gift to their employees to rock at their company retreat in Cancun! Most companies would maybe gift their employees a T Shirt or something, imagine getting not only a trip to Cancun, but a new pair of exclusive sneakers as well?! The colors of their brand are pink and cyan, so we decided it would look good to do a gradient of those two colors inspired by their website. We put their logo on the outside of the right shoe and their brand type font on the outside of the left shoe. It’s always cool seeing a huge project come together with everyone rocking their shoes at the same time.

They clearly had a blast in Cancun and if you’re looking for products to assist your end-of-life tech stack, hit them up. And if you need a rockstar team to plan for your next company event, give Zeroslope a call.

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