How To Order Custom Jordans

How does it all work? How do I order custom sneakers?

You email us, pay half, we buy the shoes, make you mock ups, paint your shoes, you pay the remainder and we ship to you. But let me explain more below...

Although I have outlined it in my FAQ page, I thought I would explain in depth in this blog post showing how we work with clients to get the shoes of your dreams on your feet! Clients often email us using our Custom Order Form with an idea of what they want. We have found from experience that people dreaming up their custom shoes usually have an idea of what they want, but are flexible on some of the smaller details. Sometimes you might know what design you want, but are open to a few different styles of shoes for the artwork. Other times, you may know the exact sneaker you want, but are open to different styles of customizations. This is why having an open dialog becomes so important! You're spending good money and we want it to be perfect. 

Weddings, Birthdays, Memorials and other milestones are all scenarios where the design may not be as important as the symbolism it carries. Translating that symbolism and meaning into a visual story onto a pair of sneakers is OUR JOB and we love it! Some of the things we take into consideration when designing a pair of shoes with you: Would it look cool? Would you wear it? Is it thoughtful and meaningful? Does it have a STORY behind it? Are we picking the best parts of the shoes to customize? Does it align with our values at B Street Shoes?

The first step is picking a shoe brand/style/color/size we want to work on. Once we have this decided, we can design around the elements of the shoes itself. Different shoes will have different panels that will make the design look different. For example, a Retro Jordan 1 will have the Nike Swoosh going along all 4 sides of the shoes. The Jordan 2 does not have any Nike Swoosh logos.

Once we have picked a shoe, you'll be asked to submit a 50% deposit. That is usually around $249 for the artwork + 50% cost of the shoes. When we're working on $600 Yeezys, that would make the initial deposit $549.

We then source the shoes on your behalf from a trusted source. This would be either a manufacture website like or If unavailable, we would purchase from a reputable third party authenticator like StockX, GOAT or Flight Club. 

Once the shoes arrive at our shoedio, the fun part begins! MOCK UPS! This will allow you to visualize what your shoes are going to look like when they're completed. For the shoes in the example below, the client wanted the signature Elephant skin pattern on the shoes with a possible gold swoosh, but wasn't sure how they should look. We ran with the idea and provided some options! We try our best to keep the amount of mock ups to a minimum, but if we need to do extra mock ups, there is no charge for that. The image below of the black Jordans shows what the shoe looked like before it was painted. Although we generally prefer to have the shoes in hand to take our own reference photos for mock ups, the images off stockx and other retail websites might work in this case. 

how to order custom shoes

Elephant Jordans

Custom Jordans

The client ultimately chose the Elephant skin on the panels you can see below. We are really happy how it turned out and we love the fade on the gold swoosh! Take a look at the pictures and let us know what you think in the comments. 

Custom Jordans

Custom Jordans

Custom Jordans

Interested in starting the process of discussing some custom sneakers? You can submit a Custom Order Form to get the conversation started! >>>


  • im tying to get some custom jordan 1 or jordan 3 if you have any im willing to pay wtv yall want for them to be done to them im trying to have the jordan 1 i would like a suprize with both of dem thanx

    Noah Pack
  • I wanna get some customized
    reverse elephant size 12 please email me a price thanks so much


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