"I solemnly swear that these shoes are amazing!" - Custom Hand Painted Harry Potter Themed Nike Romaleo 3 Shoes

Thought there wasn't any Homonculous charms used in the making of these custom painted Nike Romaleos, Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs would be impressed with these Marauder's Map inspired shoes!  Carefully designed and hand painted, each and every little detail put into creating these magical shoes would even impress Salazar Slytherin himself. 

The base design of both shoes was inspired buy the layout of the Marauder's Map, painted to specifically match the exact design of the map used in the films.  Per customer's request, Slytherin's colors, emerald green and silver, and the house crest would be included in the design.  Our artist filled the Nike Swoosh with emerald green and white stripes and on the outer side of the right shoe hand replicated the iconic serpent crest.  Near the heel of the left shoe, the Deathly Hallows symbol was added making the owners of the three artifacts the "Master of Death."  On the inner sides of both shoes, the phrase that must be used in order to view the map is shared between the two shoes.  "I solemnly swear..." on the left and "...that I’m up to no good" on the right.  

May these magic filled shoes give its owner the cunning, resourceful, and ambitious motivation every Slytherin would need in the gym.  

Want some Magical Mischief of your own?  Send us an email at blake@bstreetshoes.com or leave us a message clicking on the green "Request Custom Order" button on the bottom right corner of our website.  


Custom Hand Nike Romaleo Shoes

Custom Hand Nike Romaleo Shoes

Custom Hand Nike Romaleo Shoes

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