Jordan 5 Reverse Jacket - Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Inspired!

Did you grew up watching the fresh prince of Belair? Will Smith was the main character and he was iconic for his outfits. In the land of Belair Los Angeles with the only rich hoity-toity people the Fresh Prince stood out as being well... Fresh. His outfits were one of the key elements that made his character stand out and why the fresh Prince of Bel Air will live into infamy.

We had the chance to custom paint a pair of Jordan fives using the pattern inspired by the lining of his jacket. These shoes started out as the Jordan 5 Retro Michigans, but had a complete over haul. The design was intricate and took a long time to paint, but that's exactly what makes this one of one sneakers so special. Check out the video we made below. Drop a comment and let us know what you think!

Jordan Retro Custom Painted

Fresh Prince Jordans

Will Smith Sneakers

Custom Painted Sneakers Jordans



  • Hi I’m from Milwaukee Wisconsin are you able to do the Jordans for me in a size 10 for my son graduation

    Tikiya phillips
  • I love those. Are they for sale?


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