"J's on My Feet!" - Raw Rolling Papers Nike Air Force 1's

It's LIT! These shoes were custom painted a Raw Rolling Paper theme, the purple, green, burgundy, and flaming colors popping out of the background.   In this blog post I show the painting process step by step.

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Check out this video to see the whole thing >>> 


Checkout these pics to see everything step by step: 

Custom Nikes

I did my best to document this pair from start to finish. The shoes started out being all white Nike AF1 Highs.

custom nikes

I laid down some green in the areas that I wanted to be green. This is just a background color as you will see when scrolling. With this pair, there was a lot of painting, then masking off again to ensure overspray from other colors didn't effect the design.

 custom nike af1 sneakers

It looks like I missed taking pictures of a few steps here. In the missing pictures I painted the remaining white parts of the shoes autumn red. This was to match the Raw Rolling Papers feel. 

Raw Rolling Papers

How To Paint Leather Nikes

After laying down the reds, I dry it with a blow dryer to speed up the drying process. I then tape off the red and start laying down my Weed Leaf stickers.

raw rolling papers nike af1 sneakers

Custom Nikes 

Custom Nikes

Tape comes off and it's LIT!

custom painted sneakers

raw rolling papers nike af1 sneakers

Wiz Khalifa Raw Rolling PapersCustom Nikes


Get your pair here >>> https://bstreetshoes.com/products/custom-painted-raw-rolling-paper-air-force-ones?variant=54524271637



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  • Can I sent a pair of white nikes and you paint them


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