Looney Tune Themed Nike Romaleos 3

If you're a huge 90's cartoon fan, you're in the right place! We had the incredible opportunity to relive our childhood through painting these Nike's! 

These shoes were painted with a pink heel that fades from pink to silver to white at the toe. On the outside of the midsole on the heel of one shoe we painted a portrait of Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird. On the other shoe we painted the Looney Tunes TV Show logo, using Sylvester in place of Buggs Bunny. 

If you're interested in getting your own 90's Cartoon themed shoes, submit a Custom Kick form!

>>> https://bstreetshoes.com/pages/custom-order-form

Looney Tunes NikesLooney Tunes NikesLooney Tunes NikesLooney Tunes Nikes


  • Είναι εκπληκτικά!! Τι τιμή έχουν??

    katerina kasapi
  • Quanto costano?

    Cinzia Mura

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