Los Angeles Chargers Russel Okung #76 Successfully Tackles His Way Through The Game In His Custom Painted Cleats

This year we had the opportunity to team up with the Los Angeles Chargers to paint custom cleats for the #mycausemycleats campaign. In week 13 every season, the NFL loosens the dress code and allows players to wear hand painted cleats.

This allows the players to pick a foundation they support and bring awareness to their cause. At B Street we feel honored to be able to help the players visually express themselves and translate their ideas into visual empowerment. 

My Cause My Cleats is one of the most rewarding projects of the year. Talking with the players and hearing their personal story is special. Many times, they have a special connection to a particular cause.

Russell Okung has linked up with the BTC Pay Foundation to ensure an open future for businesses and individuals regardless of geographic, political or financial barriers. 

Check out the custom painted shoes we created in order to support fellow businesses and individuals below.

Custom Painted Football Cleats

Hand Painted Football Cleats

Russell Okung

My Cause My Cleats

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