Montauk, NY Themed Nike Kobe A.D's

What's your favorite city in the world? Would you sport it on your feet?

This is the 3rd pair of Montauk, NY themed Kobe's we've made for this sneaker-head! Can you imagine loving a place so much you need 3 different pairs of shoes to express it? 

We custom painted these Nike Kobe A.D's with a large wave and a beautiful sky to set the scene. Featured on the shoes is the infamous Montauk Lighthouse, a tiny surfer dude catching a big wave, Seagull's taking flight and of course the Island itself. We also included some coordinates that are important to this sneaker-head.

Montauk NY Kobe's Montauk NY Kobe'sMontauk NY Kobe'sMontauk NY Kobe'sMontauk NY Kobe's


Do you want to wear your favorite city everywhere? Send us a custom order form!

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