My Hero Academia Nike Air Force 1 High - Custom Hand Painted Nike AF1

One very passionate anime junkie asked us to create an amazing pair of shoes to may homage to their favorite show, My Hero Academia.  They wanted their favorite characters Mirio and Deku in some form on Nike Air Force 1 Highs.  What better way to capture the fan's passion and the show's intensity than in the characters' hero forms!  On the right shoe we painted Izuku Midoriya and on the left shoe is Lemillion.  What an action packed pair of kicks!
Izuku Midoriya
My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia AF1


  • Please can i buy them

    Evan MacKinnon
  • OMG! How do I get a pair of these for my 11 year old daughter for Christmas? She does die over them! love love!

    Khay Fernandez
  • How much for a pair air forces white low cut
    But with naruto design

    Joseph rojas
  • Need to customize two vans Asher shoe one with The Levi anime character and the other with a Billie English design…please let me if this possible and how would I go about it.

  • Hi how can I order a pair of these? How much do they cost? My daughters birthday is coming and I would love to buy her a pair. Women size 7 1/2 or men size 7.

    kertricia mclennan

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