New York Knicks On These Sweet Kicks - Custom Hand Painted Nike Kobe Lows Mamba Instinct

These custom Nike Kobes were ordered from a customer who is a fan of the popular New York Knicks basketball team.  The Nike Swooshes have been painted the primary team color, orange.  The left shoe has a silhouette of a player dribbling down the court with splashes of orange and blue color.  On the right shoe, a beautiful basketball was hand painted by our artist with the same orange and blue splashes of color to really pop against the spray painted black background.  At the heel of each shoe, the artist hand painted the circular logo for the NY Knicks team.  

Do you have a favorite basketball team and wanna see them on a pair of great shoes? Send us a message!  Feel free to email us at or click on the green "Request Custom Order" button in the bottom right corner!   


Custom Hand Painted Nike KobesCustom Hand Painted Nike Kobes

Custom Hand Painted Nike Kobes

Custom Hand Painted Nike Kobes

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