Our BAPE x Yeezy Collection!

Who else is crazy obsessed with the new BAPE (A Bathing Ape Co.) collections we're seeing these days?! 

I was over the moon with these new BAPE camo's specifically, which is why I was so excited to see these 1 of a kind Yeezy's come out of the Shoedio!

If you're as crazy for BAPE you need to add these to your collection, or hit us up in the Custom Order Forms to request your own custom BAPE creation!

We had the incredible opportunity to put the Luminus BAPE Camo on the Triple White Yeezy's. This monochromatic design looks incredible on the white Yeezy's! 

The second pair to hit this series was the brand new Winter BAPE Camo Series on the brand new Sesame Yeezy's. This pair was my personal favorite, I have never seen this design before! We painted the Winter BAPE Camo on the Yeezy 350 SPLY line, the light color scheme of the camo is the perfect shade on these Sesame Yeezy's.

Send us a custom order form for either of these designs, or for your own custom BAPE design!

Grey BAPE CamoLuminus BAPE Camo2017 BAPE CamoSpace Winter BAPE Camo2019 BAPE Space Camo YeezyBAPE Camo Yeezy

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