Painting The Anaheim Ducks Logo on School Property!

Last month we got contacted by the Anaheim Ducks NHL hockey team for a project. They asked if we could help spruce up an elementary school in the Orange County city of Buena Park. The school is called the Speech and Language Development Center, more commonly known as the SLDC. 

The school originally founded by two speech therapists, were visionaries who saw a lack of services for individuals with special needs. They answered this need by opening the door of their homes to children in their community. Over 65 years later, their vision and mission is carried on by a dedicated staff and teachers.

The Anaheim Ducks organization chipped in for a roller hockey rink and planting trees. They had us at B Street paint a custom mural. We had a blast doing it and have the video to show it! 

Checkout the video below >>>

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