Custom Painted Fragment Jordan 3s

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay area, I was on the dividing line between Silicon Valley and the hood. You could go 20 minutes south to Mountain View and work for a computer company. or go 20 minutes north to Oakland and be in the middle of the hood. Growing up and riding the BART train with my dad and seeing software engineers sitting next to gangsters on the train shaped how I see the world. The bay area had a big role in my mentality and how I grew up but I never thought that it would dictate my career.

Never in 1 million years did I think my job would be to blend streetwear culture in fashion with "boring" industries that had nothing to do with streetwear. But here I am in my 30s and companies now pay me and my team to put these dreams to work. I've worked with some of the worlds biggest companies, like Amazon, Netflix, Twilio and McAffee. Whether these companies specialize in software or e-commerce, they have one thing in common. They want to be cool. They want their team to have pride in the brand. Nike does a lot of collaborations with companies, like Stussy, Fragment and Drake. But you don't see Nike doing collaborations with software companies. That's where I come in my team and I dream up different design ideas. What would Netflix NIKE AIR FORCE 1 look like? What would Bacardi Jordans look like? What would Pella Jordan 3s look like? That's what you're seeing in this video. We took the yellow and black Pella branding and made some custom Bella 3s. Check it out below >>>

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