Reebok Legacy: Minion Take-Over

Are you a huge Minions fan?

We recently created this Minion Takeover Olympic Weightlifting shoe for one of our customers. On the left shoe of this pair we painted the classic Minion that started the craze, if you're a die hard Minion fan like myself you'll know that it's Tom that's pictured, we started by painting the entire shoe yellow, then we painted his face, complete with his Goggle's and Overalls. 

On the right shoe we painted the new Evil Minion, we started by painting the entire shoe a deep purple, then we painted his eye and snaggle teeth and crazy hair. 

If you want a pair of Minion Nike's, submit a Custom Kick Form below!



Minion Reebok Legacy'sMinion Reebok Legacy'sMinion Reebok Legacy's

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