School of Grit Jordan Retro 3s for Brad Ritter

There is this guy who flew to California and PAID to get beat down from some Navy Seals and ended up writing a book about it. His name is Brad Ritter and we teamed up to make some custom Jordans celebrating the release of his book.

In the book he details his experience at the Navy Seal Camp he attended and how it changed his life. He had been searching for ways to unlock his full potential and discovered doing hard things aka "purposeful adversity" was the way get there. 

On the Shoes we used the gritty looking red and black branding from the book. The School of Grit logo is on the outside of each shoe. The quote "Do Hard Things" on the top of the right shoe. On the top of the left shoe, we put the Bible verse John 15:13.

We know that going through difficult times builds character and that's what this is all about. If you're looking for a licensed "Unbeatable Mind Coach" to help you and your team develop Mental toughness and emotional resiliency, checkout School Of Grit, you won'd be disappointed. 

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