Soaring High with Custom Painted US Air Force Nike Metcon 4

September 18th, 1947 was when the fearless men and women of the skies united together to protect and serve their country from above by creating the United States Air Force. This week, the country celebrated together the 72nd birthday of the courageous men and women of the air. The leaders, innovators, and warriors work hard every day to protect their country with their mission to fly, flight, and win in the air! We got to work with OurCrossFitLife and gift a lucky winner a pair of Nike Metcon 4! Crazy enough, our giveaway winner was one of our very own Airmen. Our artists came together and composed an F-22 Raptor with the United States Air Force Logo in honor of the hard work this Airman has brought to our country. Here at BStreetShoes would like to thank all the men and women who serve and protect us every day. Hooyah! Hooyah! Hooyah!
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  • This is a really inspiring and important message to all the people out there to remember the sacrifices of the great men and women who continue to protect and serve this great country. I am so grateful that there are companies such as BStreetShoes that are thoughtful enough to recognize the actions of the fearless veterans. This cheerful writing has really inspired me and brightened my day. Hooray!

    Callan Davey

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