Soberforce Jordans

If you don’t know what Salesforce is, it’s a massive Fortune 500 software company based in San Francisco. They have like 80,000 employees. The impact Early Murphy wanted to make is making sure that his coworkers who struggled with addiction had a community of support. He wanted to smash the stigma of addiction and help others recognize “sobriety is their superpower.” Soberforce is an employee group within the company Salesforce that is committed to helping each other with sobriety. We had the privilege to work with Earl to make some custom Jordans featuring the Salesforce logo, and the Soberforce logo. Earl and I talked extensively about the design of his custom shoes, and the symbolism of the design. Earl told me that when he was drinking, it was the darkest time of his life. He had hit rock bottom. As he embarked on his journey to sobriety, he saw the light. But recovery isn’t linear. It isn’t a straight forward path. Sobriety is not easy. We wanted to make a visual representation of this journey in the design starting with the darkest color at the bottom of the shoe. As you go up the shoe, it gets lighter. The texture in the design represents the obstacles on the path to recovery. We even wove in Earl’s sobriety date on the back to make these truly 1 of 1. If you work at Salesforce and you’re looking for someone to talk to, look no further than Soberforce. If you’re out there or know someone who is sick and suffering, be assured that you are not alone and things can get better, one step at a time.

If you’re interested in getting your own pair of Soberforce custom sneakers, check out the link in my bio. For each pair sold, I’ll be donating to Miriam’s House in LA, which provides a sober living program for low income women and children. Their program allows for mothers to get the help they need while maintaining or recovering custody of their children.

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