Swing Into Action With These Spiderman-Venom Vans! Custom Hand Painted Vans Old Skool High-Tops

Step into your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

Are you more of a Spider-Man or a Venom? Now you don't have to pick! These shoes are the perfect mixture of nice and not-so-nice. With a background of webbing that covers the entire center of the shoe on both sides you're sure to make a scene. One side featuring Spider-Man, and the other featuring Venom.

These Spider-Man/Venom Vans Old Skool High-tops are now available for purchase on our website!

Here's the link to buy these Spider-Man/ Venom Vans:

>>> https://bstreetshoes.com/products/vans-old-skool-high-tops-spider-man-venom-theme




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