Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reebok's!

Recently we've had an overwhelming amount of requests for our TMNT themed Reebok Legacy's.

These shoes are Turtle specific. On the Michelangelo pair we start off by painting an orange base and heel of the shoe orange, on top of that we splatter some black and white paint. On the outside of each of the shoes we painted Michelangelo, one close up and one of him in-action.

On the Rafael pair we started by painting a red base and red heel, with the black and white paint splattered over the base. On the outside of each shoe we painted Rafael, one picture of him close up and the other of him in-action.

Are you a super TMNT fan? Request a pair of shoes with your preferred Turtle using the link below!

>>> https://bstreetshoes.com/pages/custom-order-form


Michelangelo TMNTMichelangelo TMNTMichelangelo TMNTRafael TMNTRafael TMNTRafael TMNT



  • Do you have a size 8

    Cisco Hinojos
  • are you selling cause I would most definitely buy for sure if you did them in jordans

    Marcus Harrison
  • Quieto saver cual es el precio

  • i love the turtles but can you paint them on jordans?

    gabriel lopez

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