The Best Custom Vans Shoes on The Internet

At B Street we deal with a lot of custom sneakers. We are fans of a lot of artists out there. Some artists are original, some jump on trends. Some artists painstakingly paint inch by inch with a micro paint brush. Other artists use markers, heat transfers and bleach.  We don't judge on the methods people use to customize their sneakers. It's art! And it's all subjective. Ultimately, if you like the way shoes look in the end, then it was done right. 

There are some things though that can only be done one way. Friendliness, communication and speed are all important factors when ordering things online. That's part of the reason we felt compelled to write this article about BLVD Custom.  They are the full package when ordering custom shoes. When looking at their website, it looks like they specialize in customizing Vans Shoes, but clearly they do custom Converse and TOMS too. 

After spending a few hours scrolling their website, we wanted to show off a few of our favorites. 

Michael Jordan Dunk

These shoes feature the infamous image of Michael Jordan jumping from the free-throw line on the outside of the left shoe. The other shoe shows the iconic image of MJ in the dunk contest wearing the chain. 

Custom Vans SK8-Hi

Spooky Season is a year round thing here at B Street. We're always welcoming design requests that have skulls. We have always loved the Nike AF1 Black Skeleton Halloween Sneakers, but we feel like these illustrated Vans Slip Ons are everything a pair of Slip Ons should be. The artwork on the shoes is realistic but still has an artistic vibe. 

Skeleton Feet Vans Slip On Shoes

Ok these Mac Miller Vans are next level. The Kids album released by Mac Miller in 2010 and has more than 1 billion plays 10 years later. We are a fan of the colors of the album and love the way the paint strokes were placed on the tops of these shoes. 

Mac Miller Vans Shoes

NASA just hit an astroid in the name of planetary defense, and we're hyped on space. It seems like a good time to spotlight these NASA themed Chucks. The red, white and blue contests well on the black and we think these sneakers are brilliant. 

NASA Converse

custom converse nasa


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