The Problem with Nike By You - Nike's Customization Service Has It's Flaws and How To Overcome Them

Nike ID was introduced to the masses more than 25 years ago. It's promise was to allow customers to customize sneakers how they wanted, when they wanted. The goal was to let buyers get creative and construct their own shoe from the ground up. Which they basically delivered on for the most part.

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But there are some large drawbacks. Especially for people and organizations trying to order in bulk. It is impossible to design the shoes on the Nike By You website and order for a large group. Corporate sneakers, branding & Merchandise companies, Promotional Product companies, bridesmaids and groomsman parties are groups that have expressed interested in getting custom sneakers from Nike using their Nike By You service. 

Perhaps Nike doesn't want to inadvertently want to have different brand's logos on their sneakers. Perhaps they don't have the technology to print brand logos on the leather. At the time of this writing, the only way you can get words onto the sneakers is the stitching on the back. And the characters are limited.

Restocking shoes on Nike By You has almost become a major pain point. Although Nike has expanded customization offerings, they still are known to remove options at the worst times. 

But what is the most troubling part about using Nike By You? To us at B Street Shoes, the answer is clear. The limited color pallets. If you have a company with specific colors, this is a non negotiable.

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We have been contacted by countless companies that tried to customize sneakers using the Nike website, but couldn't complete the process. That's where the team at B Street Shoes comes in and saves the day. We offer a full creative service that begins with a discovery call and digital mock-ups showing what your sneakers can look like. Then we custom mix paints exactly the specification of your desire. 

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Over the past 13 years the team at B Street has customized more than 20,000 pairs of sneakers for individuals and brands. Interested in getting something custom? contact us here >>>


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