Time To Honor the Most Loving Person in Your Life- Dog Portraits!

If you have a dog or have been around a dog, or even just admire dogs from a distance, you'd know how endlessly loyal, loving and caring they are, regardless of how many times you've heard their hearts breaking when you accidentally step on their paws (We've all done it, right?)

I believe with the coming of St. Valentines Day and the recognition of all the love you have around you- the most important person on that list should be your dog! (Or your kids, I just have a dog so we're going with dogs)

How amazing would it be to have the ability to bring your furry friends everywhere you go?! The best way to do that is paint their faces on some shoes! 

Here at B Street we LOVE dogs, painting them, hanging out with them, feeding them when we're not supposed to...

If you have a super cute dog you'd like painted on anything (we do shoes, purses, belts, bags, boxing gloves, you name it-we'll paint it!) send us a Custom Order Form!!

Get something to honor your furry friends today!

hand painted dog portraithand painted dog portraitCustom Dog shoesbully portraithand painted dogcustom dog shoe

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