Will Nike Make Custom Branded Sneakers For My Company?

Custom sneakers has taken the fashion scene by storm over the past 10 years. But at the level custom sneakers has grown, the overall sneaker industry has grown much more. This has left companies like Nike in a situation where they need to focus what is right for them as a business. And they can't please everyone. 

Many corporations have reached out to brands like Nike and Adidas asking if they can get custom branded sneakers manufactured. It seems like a win-win. Nike potentially makes a lot of sales. And the company get to have some really cool unique shoes. 

But the branding machine at Nike does not work like that. Every artist or company that has their name on a pair of Nikes and Jordans has been carefully curated by Nike themselves. Brands like Stussy, Tiffany and Jarritos have all done collaborations with Nike, making co-branded shoes. Although these sneakers were produced in limited quantities, they were made to the public through a lottery system. 

co branded nike shoesco branded nike shoes

co branded nike shoes


This is where the team at B Street Shoes has operated at strength over the last decade. We have helped companies achieve getting custom Nike and Jordans without having to go though Nike. And we have had a blast doing it. We have done it so well in fact, that Nike has even become one of our clients. We help clients though the entire life cycle of the collaboration from sneaker design ideas to purchasing and delivery.

There are a few things that sets the team at B Street Shoes apart from the rest. Continue reading to see how we operate and how we might be able to work with you. 


Brands generally have a vague idea of what they want their custom branded sneaker to look like. But they often have questions like:

What would be the most popular base shoe for their desired project?

What are the design possibilities?

Zoom calls and design consultations is what we do best. We love designing custom sneakers. We look at a blank shoe as a canvas ready to be painted. Nike Air Force 1, Retro Jordans, Air Max, Stan Smith, Vans and Converse. We have done it all. Our team of artists are ready to execute on the design we have agreed upon. 

Below is an example of the types of designs we present to the client. Often times this is after reviewing a brand deck for guidelines and inspiration. 

Custom Branded Jordans

And we must say, this is one of the most fun parts. We love figuring out how to translate a brand's imagery onto sneakers. Visually telling a story though sneakers is our passion. 


Creating custom shoes is a unique endeavor that can be tackled using different methods. The problem Nike and other sneaker brands face is whenever they want to create a new shoe style, a certain large number of shoes need to be produced and sold to be profitable for the company. Which means, even if a Fortune 500 company approaches a company like Nike for 1000 pairs of shoes, it still would not be profitable for the shoe brand to produce. This is where B Street Shoes shines. We are able to take on smaller orders that a company like Nike or Adidas would never be able to entertain.

B Street Shoes specializes in hand-painting custom shoes. We use special leather paints that soak into the pores of the leather. After 24 hours of drying time, the paint becomes permanent and never comes off.

Our team has produced orders of more than 1000 pairs of shoes with a quick turn-around time. Since we are painting onto shoes that have already been produced, this speeds up the production process. No waiting for shoes to be assembled in China. No waiting months for shoes to be delivered by boat from overseas. We source shoes that are widely available in the United States. The most common shoes we currently paint on are the Nike Air Force 1 and the Retro Jordan 1. And although this usually means paying retail price for the base shoe, it's the easiest and fastest way to get the shoes in our Shoeido to begin the project. 

co branded nike shoe

branded merchandise nike sneaker

custom branded nike sneaker

We hope to work with you and your team to create custom sneakers. We find nothing better and more fulfilling than envisioning a custom branded shoe from the ground up. 

If you are interested, please fill out a Custom Order Form HERE >>> https://bstreetshoes.com/pages/custom-order-form

We look forward to collaborating!


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