@FlawlessPlank X @Bstreetshoes Collaboration
@FlawlessPlank X @Bstreetshoes Collaboration

@FlawlessPlank X @Bstreetshoes Collaboration

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This invoice is for 2 pairs of custom Nike Metcon 4s. 

The first pair will be US Men’s size 10 for Manu. It will have the design similar to the mock up. This pair will be completed and shipped to Manu asap. Trying for before 3/26.

The second pair will be for the winner of the giveaway. The words @Flawlessplank will be on the shoes.

Manu would like to start the giveaway March 26. It would be ideal for B Street Shoes to post the giveaway announcement at the beginning of the contest and at the end of the contest. Reminders will be posted on Instgram stories. 

This price covers shipping for both Manu and the giveaway winner.  

When positing about the giveaway, Blake will do a short 10 second video holding the shoe and rotating it like the Mac Miller giveaway post.