B Street Shoes Gift Card ( Physical Card )
B Street Shoes Gift Card ( Physical Card )

B Street Shoes Gift Card ( Physical Card )

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Looking to give someone a one of a kind gift? Give them the choice to choose a design of their choice or to use toward a custom order! :)

How it works: 

  • Select the amount you'd like to purchase and checkout. 
  • A physical card with a unique code will be sent to the inputted shipping address. We ship gift cards with USPS first class mail. If you need the card ASAP you can order the digital version here.
  • unless specified, we will send 1 card with the total amount purchased.

How to use giftcard:

  • Simply input the unique code at checkout.
  • The amount never expires so your recipient can take their time in selecting the perfect pair of kicks!


Not sure how much your recipient will need for a custom order? Generally a custom order starts at 499.00 + cost of the shoes ( ex. Custom AF1 low = 499.00 + 90.00 = 589.00 ).

  • The customization can range from 499.00 - 799.00 depending on how complex the design is. ( ex. if the design calls for realistic portraits vs a pattern )
  • When it comes to custom orders, all pricing is discussed during the discussion/design process and agreed upon before proceeding with an order.
  • Feel free to message us if you have any questions!