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HVW8 x Adidas vs. Blake from Bstreet

As one of those Fine Art pricks looking down my nose, it is my duty to blog about the new HVW8 x Adidas Originals Kevon Lyons & Jean Andre Collection. To be blunt, these guys have only done what Blake here at Bstreetshoes has been doing for years, except what Blake has done is about 100 times more original because of the long hours, effort and quality he puts into each pair of hand-painted kicks. 

Now about the HVW8's, well they are just another rendition of Janet Sobel's drip technique and Jackson Pollock's expressionistic splatter effect on 21st Century foot canvas copied by some guys in LA. The artwork is definitely eye-catching and appealing to the senses, especially with bright and flashy complimentary colors. I personally would rock a pair, but given the choice between the HVW8's and a pair of Blake's custom shoes, I'll take the Bstreet's everyday all day and any day. Shoot, might as well just have Blake splatter and drip some paint on a pair of my white Adidas and I can have myself a pair just like the ones below, plus a signature by the dude. 


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Jesse Hazelip

Another tattoo in his repertoire, Jesse sat behind fluorescent bulbs representing a jail cell of six by nine feet while he received a facial tattoo. Besides a felony conviction, this face tattoo puts Jesse at the top of societies outcast and stereotype. It was  a trip to see him at the gallery, surrounded by curious onlookers all waiting for the Mark of Cain to satisfy their preconceptions. Mingled in with art, graffiti and spectacle, a band called Prayers was playing, naturally fitting the nature of Jesse's work because of the leads singers past convictions and songs of harsh urban realities. Altogether this exhibit brought light into the darker realm of the United States jail/ prison system and raised the protest/ social justice into the realm of Fine Arts. Come support this artist and grab some insight on the darker side of reality. 

"The bull with butcher markings emphasizes the systemized labor practices and division of value. The wolf relates to a pack mentality created through incarceration subcultures, as individual prisoners align with hierarchical groups or gangs for protection and survival. The vulture, a predator who preys on the disadvantaged, symbolizes the prison system as a whole. The snake refers to the violence created by the penal system that is specific to prison. The skeletal hands are representational of the death and reach of the violence nurtured in the prison-industrial complex."


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