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World's Best Shop Dog Grizz The Wizz Turns 4!

Last week Thursday March 24, 2016, worlds greatest shop dog Grizz The Wizz turned 4 years old. Yeah he got treats, played with his dog homies at his dog party. I also took a minute on Thursday to let him watch me paint a quick portrait of him on a TV found from behind the dumpster behind the art studio. It was a chance to try out my new Montana 94 colors RV-96-99. Take a look at some of his best pictures taken from this year, and the aerosol piece I painted on the TV.

Grizz_thewizz, american bully

Grizz_thewizz, american bully

Grizz_thewizz, american bully, painted tv

Grizz_thewizz, american bully, painted tv, aerosol on found object, street art, graffiti art



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Turkey Day 2015 in Santa Cruz California

There is no place I would rather be on a Thanksgiving day than Santa Cruz, CA. The winds are blowing off shore and the waves are pumping. The nights were cold but the days sunny. I am lucky enough to say my parents live in Santa Cruz, so Megan and I try to drive North from our home in Newport Beach whenever we can. We probably take 6-7 road trips per year to the Bay for some surf and R&R. Grizz loves it too. Every time we're in town we visit The Forest of Nisene Marks SP for some trail running and just getting down with our nature side. This forest is HUGE going all the way from the coast DEEP into the Santa Cruz mountains. Check out some of the pics I took of the trip below.



santa cruz

bird house 

Megan Kelly, Grizz_thewizz

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